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a gyaltsen His Holiness the 17th Karmapa a gyaltsen

So it is said:
I have lost but never Given Up This poem was composed by
His Holiness the 17th Karmapa at Gyuto Monastery
Translated by Acharya Nyima Tsering

An appearance of the moon flower
In the enchanting snow land of Tibet,
When radiating blissful rays light
A shower of a gentle drizzle from a melancholy flute
And under the circle of the drum shaped rainbow
When blowing a cool breeze of truth
The limbs of white clouds have blown towards the north

When a hundred thousand petals of hope and prayer have bloomed
Hardship and sad feeling have gradually withered away,
When the gentle movement of patriotic feelings of the southern breeze
In the spaciously pure and blue sky

And again
Moving gently
Blissful and happy clouds have started dancing,
What a taste of neither the rich nor the poor

You, the colorful, second Potala Palace From the shinning window, with the smiling anthers of eyebrows

Ah, faded aged sun Now, A peaceful, blissful sun emerge,

Having shed red blood from the core of the heart,
All that I am, is for the cause of truth,
It is said …
I have lost but never given up.

This moving fragrance of this truthful poem is composed by
Tenzin Kunkhab Wangi Dorje, the mundane great liberator
The one known as the Karmapa whose name rare like
the precious Udumwara flower, which is so suitably called.
On the fifteenth day of the seventh Tibetan month
in the second completion of waning moon,
a great festival Day when Maha Guru Padma Sambhava,
displayed the major and minor marks.
I have a small experience of the literal and intellectual skills;
I expect to receive spontaneous advice from wise Tibetan scholar friends.

This Poem was translated by Acharya Nyima Tsering in Mcleodganj in the month of November 2000 with sincere faith that His Holiness the Karmapa’s future activities will increase.