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Wounded heart by Acharya Nyima Tsering

To the world’s family of feathered birds.
For me and my beloved’s fate,
To seek your support and help,
I have this appeal to make

Oh! Ye, Flexibly-winged crane
In the heart of Dakini’s land
My sweet heart, at her feet
Do leave this letter without delay

Queen of melody, oh! Sky lark,
To my soulless song
Add your titillating music
And sing it to my beloved’s ear.

Oh! Ye, messenger of the universe
Ye little black crow
Let me know, if or not
Joyful tide awaits me

Powerful and swift Garuda
Destroy the evil designs
Of those who come between us
And win her tender heart for me.

Oh! Parrot, ye fortune-teller
Clearly and without hiding
What future has in store?
Do predict it to me.

Oh charming peacock
Perform your mystical dance
This time and only this time
To sooth my groaning heart.

Oh eagle-eyed vulture,
Lend me your sharp eyes
So that I may see the happenings
In Dakini land, my beloved’s place.

Oh! Ye pigeon, priest of all birds,
To get rid of misfortune and foes
That comes between us
Do give offerings on our behalf.

Oh! Ye, commander of the feathered troop
Do inspire and help me
To overcome and overwhelm those
Who come in our way.

Ye, who differentiate milk from water,
Oh ye powerful duck
Differentiate truth from falsehood
And make it known to my sweet heart.

At the enchanting place of divine land
As two tiny fish, we shall live together
Oh! Ye, kingfisher, be merciful
And let us to live without harm.

Oh ye, who takes birth for others sake
Bird among birds, ye bodhisattva bird
Bless us, so that two of us
May live as one and die as one.