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1) I pray to the pervasive liberator, the glorious lama,
The protector dispersing and withdrawing various illusory emanation
According to the inclination of pure and impure disciples Through the emanation of the all-pervading sphere of dharma reality, which is good in every aspect.

2) I pray to the three great scholars and practitioners: The Elder Serbuwa, who lived during the time of Shakyamuni Buddha, The dharma king Chandrabhadra bearing the oral lineage of Kalachakra and Pawo Nagpopa of the accomplished conduct.

3) I pray to the three immaculate, supreme guides:
Dombipa who found the supreme realization of the state of union, Serlingpa, the great bodhisattva who was renowned for his dharma and Liberator Vagindra Pamthing, the supreme adept.

4) I pray to the three venerable lama and liberator: The undefeated protector, Manjushri, who proceeded to the ground of supreme[enlightenment], The powerful and mighty lord Dujom and Tsondrubar, the one illuminating the Kadampa teachings.

5) I pray to the feet of the unequalled and immaculate three: Tashi Tobgye, the knowledge-holder and Lord of the North, Namkha, the yogi unmatched in transmitted and realized [dharma] and Lodro Bepa, the great holder of discipline.

6) I pray to the feet of the three great spiritual gurus: Unyon Cho-kyi-dra who found supreme conduct, The Lord Khyentse Wanchug who was equal to Manjushri and Delek Nyima, the master of discipline.

7) I pray to the feet of the three peerless lamas; Sonam Chogden, the glorious protector of migratory, Gyatso Thaye, the holder of the treasure of sutra and tantra and Lobsang Chojor Gyatso, the renowned supreme guide.

8) I pray to the guides of many beings: Lobsang Thubten Namgyal, the scholar and practitioner, Lobsang Lungrig Gyatso, the great ocean of the oral lineage Who are the main ones of all conquerors, lords of supreme scholarship.

9) I pray to the glorious lama skilful in rising The banner of victory of the teachings through the strengths of special intention, The lord of spontaneously established dharma who [through] Enlightened activities is increasing the teachings of immaculate dharma, [taught by the] great Buddha Shakyamuni.

[These verses are composed by the great protector, His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso]

10) Until the disadvantages of cyclic existence reach an end For that long, may he always abide as the protector of migrators equal to [the vastness of] space, In a string of heroic successive lives that are sent forward effortlessly In the vast array of universe equal to the sand of the river Ganges.

11)Through the might of praising the long lines of their successive lives Which are perfectly arranged like stokes of pure gold on white clouds May all migrators, in all of their successive lives, never be separated From spiritual gurus of the supreme vehicle and May they become holders of all the Dharmas of the Conquerors.

12) May the whole collection of faults of wrong practice towards the spiritual friends Such as lack of respect, deriding and belittling done under the power of confusion Be swiftly purified as in the case of the bodhisattvas Taktungu and Norsang and May I have the potency to delight them, even at the cost of my life.

13)Through the might of that may I progress along all of the ground and paths And having swiftly crossed over by the forceful wave of the sun May I become a lama who conceives three conditional existence of equal taste In the great sphere of your three secret vajras, oh Protector.

14)Through the strength of the blessing of the Conquers and their excellent Children, The truth of non-deceptive interdependence and My special intention, May the aims of these aspirations be smoothly fulfilled.

Colophon: This requesting prayer to the illuminator of the teaching of Protector Manjushri [Je Tsongkapa], the unequalled Dagri Rinpoche, for the succession of his supreme emanations, was composed as a brief daily recitation based on a previously existing text by Gyelwang Choche, after the repeated requests-accompanied with mandala offerings of the three sacred objects [of Buddha’s Body, Speech and Mind]-offered by the supreme emanation of Kangyur Rinpoche of Sera Me Monastery, Pomra Hostel. Composed by His Eminence’s private tutor, called tulku Har Han, Holder of the Ganden Throne with pure faith. May it fulfill the wishes as aspired. Copies of both the extensive and short texts can be found in Dagri Labrang.

Sarva Mangalam
1000 copies printed in the Tibetan year 2114 which is the year 1987 of the Western calendar.