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His Holiness 17th Gyalwa Karmpa

His Eminence the 17th Karmapa's Speech
At the 40th Anniversary of TCV
at the Closing of the Athletic events
Oct 26th, 2000 Translated by Acharya Nyima Tsering

The assembly of Arya Sanghas, all the learned students and staff members of the TCV, likewise all the respected honored invited guests, and all the local and those who came from the outside, today I wish to pay my sincere Tashideleg on this 40th anniversary of Tibetan Children’s Village School. Generally I am also similar to you young students who are undergoing the educational process, it is therefore, I cannot give the most effective and beneficial advice to you, however as I was asked by the director, I will take this opportunity to speak.

It is well known that this land of Tibet, was predicted by the Shakyamuni Buddha and it is also the divine land of Avalokitesvara, which is located at the top of world and is a nationality, which embodies the authentic dharma history and cultural identity from several thousand years before. It is not only that during the period of Songtsen Gampo, many of the common and uncommon cultural identity has flourished throughout the entire land of Tibet which is worthy to be proud from any direction and not to feel ashamed of. This is all due to the gracious kindness of our great translators and Dharmarajas; we all know this very clearly.

After that there came several changes of ups and downs, at this time we are facing extreme hardship, but mainly due to inconceivable sweet compassionate mind of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and also due to inner strength and courage of the Tibetan people, while undertaking the process to restore and promote our culture and tradition, we have been able to built this magnificent TCV school.

As the school is constructed in such a beautiful way, all the teachers, staff and students should work hard and study properly so as to become future exemplary figures throughout the entire world. I also wish to pay my sincere thanks to all of you for studying Tibetan culture and tradition.

As earlier mentioned, His Holiness the Dalai Lama had advised, all the TCV staff, teachers and students have worked thoroughly and efficiently. In the future, I hope and pray that all of you will continue the effort, other than this I have nothing else to say.

Finally, I pray that the divine Avalokesvara, the lotus holder will remain and have a long life as Amitabha himself and that the Noble beings who hold the various Dharma lineages, live a long life as firm as a Vajra. Under the shadow of these great enlightened beings, may all the Tibetan people be happy and peaceful and may the freedom of Tibet be gained from unexpected obstacles and win the battle of the dark force of ignorance and manifest through special intentions and meritorious deeds.

And finally I wish to thank all the honored guests, assemble of Sanghas, all the staffs, teachers and students, Tibetans and Indians, and all the lay and ordained monks, likewise I rejoice in the special determination and magnificent activities.