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Bumpa Sakya bumpa

Wishful Prayers of Bodhisattva Translated by Acharya Nyima Tsering

The precious teaching of omniscient Buddha is the only
door to the source of happiness for all sentient beings.
May it flourish now and always in all directions,
Without any degeneration in any time or place.

Those who possess immeasurable knowledge and glorious compassion,
Who cherish the teachings of Buddha as dearly as their own lives,
May the life-span of those incomparable lamas and spiritual
Teachers are increased.

Those who inspire sincere and wholesome thoughts,
Who voluntarily engage in the activities of teachings,
Debating and composing texts,
May those monks who practice dharma live long and extensively
Increase virtuous activities in the world.

May the fresh breeze which cools the village lift the white
Flags like a beautiful rosary,
May the village be filled with elegant people adorned with
Luxurious clothes and precious ornaments.

With beauty of the clouds brightening the sky
And the mystical dance of a peacock on the ground,
May a gentle shower of rain increase joy and happiness.

On the hillsides embellished with tender grass, flowers, and waterfalls,
In valleys full of grain and cattle.
May people sing with great joy and happiness.
May violence and disputes completely cease.

The king peacefully guides political affairs, and
the countrymen follow his order respectfully.
Completely resolving disputes of external and internal affairs
May the country progress to a perfect state.

May the temple be adorned with the precious image of
Buddha and holy dharma scriptures.
May offerings of ritual instrument of gods increase
Like a heavy rain from hoods of clouds.

May all the monasteries be filled with spiritual teachers clothed in maroon,
who uphold the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha,
through teaching, debating and composing texts,
and may their prayers be fulfilled completely.

May lay persons, novices and fully ordained monks and nuns
be endowed with untainted moral discipline,
and by their practice of hearing, contemplating and meditating,
May the teachings of Tathagathas flourish extensively.

Completely avoiding distractions and
freeing themselves from all worldly activities,
May they find a solitary place and increase their realization.

May the power of special prayers made with strong faith,
result in the material conditions for myself and my entourage
to engage fully in holy dharma practice
with increased life spans free from wrong livelihood.

With complete personal attainment of
all the supreme practices taught by Buddha,
such as generosity, moral discipline, patience,
joyous effort, contemplation and wisdom,
May textual knowledge of realization be increased.

By gathering flowers through generosity and pleasant speech,
by the power of teaching them holy dharma wisely and carefully,
properly connecting each with the dharma according to his or her capacity,
May I become the means of fulfilling their wishes.

By pacifying all hindrances to dharma practice,
and by gathering the necessary facilities,
Everything that is praised by Shakyamuni Buddha,
may wholesome deeds be increased.

By the compassionate blessing of the glorious spiritual teacher,
by the truth that all phenomena are dependent arising and
by the power of my sincere intention.
May all prayers be accomplished.